(Sturgis, South Dakota)

In August 2021 we were contacted by the team at Hill Holliday about producing a live painting during an event for BMW Motorrad in South Dakota. BMW wanted a mural to be painted featuring their new R18 motorcycle along with random image submissions from fans via Instagram incorporated into the background while we were live on site painting. The catch was we had about 1 week from the initial intro email to make this happen, we didn’t have a wall designated to paint on, and we would be working in a small town in South Dakota no where near any kind of art supply store. We quickly put together a team to construct a wall on site and came up with a rough design idea using imagery provided by BMW. We brought on our friends Eras & Hightech Lowlife to handle the hero image of the biker and pushed forward. We had about 5 days of prep + 3 days on site to make this happen. None of this could have been possible without Anne-Laure’s management/production skills.  

DELIVERABLES: Mural design & production